Monday, January 28, 2013

Being Italian (Roma) i thought it was fitting to create something rather dramatic as we say a drama queen.So Roma is placed so the stern and some of the rudders and propellers will be exposed , and also showing the unusual but attractive green hull.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I always admired figure painters for the life and illusion of depth they create just by manipulating the shadows and highlights when painting.Especially the way they bring to life the faces and the expressions.I always found  it intimidating trying my skills on that , but i guess if you dont try once you will never start learning , so i decided now that i feel a bit more comfortable with my painting abilities to start experimenting on figures.The good thing is they are cheap too.Here is selection of some figures i bought on a spending spree last night.The last  large(120mm ) resin is rather cheap but perfect for practicing , the plastic figures by Masterbox and Dragon looked nicely sculpted and i liked the themes so i bought them having in mind already one or 2 nice ideas for some vignettes.The resin Jeff Shiu are simply so lifelike i had to have them even though i think i wont be able to do them justice just yet. Still i am about to buy some Maurice Corry as well  as they are also very nice and a must have .

Texas is almost complete now apart from the rigging.A few awnings and a lot of sailors on deck admiring the view were placed as the ship itself is rather bare  above the hull.Thinking of adding and a small tug at the front .

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Added the flora layer.I actually run out of scenic material so i am left in the middle of the process .I still want to add some individual trees , and some more bushes of different density.Although it looks nice as it is , i will have to spray paint to more realistic green  tones.Having 2 cliff sides already proves a challenge for decent pictures of the model when placed inside the dio.

The 2 cliff sides painted with the basic ground colors and heavily washed with oil washes of various tones and densities to blend everything together as much as possible.Once dry the flora will be added.The red/brown color will be covered largely by flora and grass but still will be exposed in few areas to represent the soft muddy soil of that area of the world (tropic circle).This re/brown with intense green flora mix combined with a soft green/brown color of the muddy water will provide a very colorful sight indeed.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Texas weathered and with most the work done.Despite being a simple kit there are lots of areas one can improve and add some extra detail.Unfortunately these old battleships lack good references apart from some sketchy profiles and old photographs.So imagination has to employed as well.The 2 cliff sides are set apart at the distance they will be on the base , just to check the perspective and the whole feel of the scene.Initially i wanted to depict a whole corner turn of the canal , but i realized this would be way to big and probably take too much out of the Texas itself. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vintage!.The USS Texas ala 1914 fit  going through the Panama canal.I am thinking of creating a larger base were both sides of the canal will be shown , instead of just one as in here.The advantage is for a more complete scene , the disadvantage is that it will enclose the model from both sides and the observation angle of the model  will be somewhat limited from above mainly.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Me troubled..i thought it was good to introduce myself.

Testing the stance of Roma.Heavy sea and the ship is plunging into a massive wave head on , creating a huge surge of froth  at the front .

Tsesting the stance of the Bismarck .Slightly with the bow down and right about to smash into a wave but still visible enough at the front.

The small bridge , the  small temple on the island and the small pier all made of plastic , so i can have one or two fishing boats next to it.