Monday, June 18, 2012

1/350 resin  various types vehicles from L'Arsenal, that will be used to cover the top of the deck of an Independence carrier .The dio will be portraying the aircraft carrier acting like a transport of equipment to some distant island , with its deck full of vehicles , men , and some planes at the very front of the deck .The detail on these is amazing and the casting excellent with very little flash to clean away.Thankfully they will be all sprayed more or less with olive drab.Looking forward to paint some 600+ wheels , windows etc...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A 1/700 USS Nimitz 1973 project i fancied building before xmass.The decals for the planes are from Starfighter decals , although the planes themselves have been prepared by Nektarios on my behalf, as i am not too keen on manipulating decals in this scale.A set of Jag resin carrier  deck vehicles will also be used for this.Aiming for a very busy deck and hangar bay as well.

Another commission for a 1/350 Warspite with the Pontos set .The main parts have being painted and weathered (not shown here) and waiting for the deck to be placed before they are glued permanently.

The 1/350 KGV is moving along very slowly.The Pontos decks are very nice but i find their color somewhat unnatural so i decided to paint it slightly and stain it with some oil washes for a more tired/used look.

With the release of crane barges from Lion Roar , i thought of going for something different this time, and instead of utilizing them in a harbor dio , i decided to use a few depicting the scrapping of the Tirpitz hull which lasted well after the end of WW2.
Another commission to build a 1/700 Scharnhorst along with U-47 entering the Kiel harbor , after the sinking of HMS R.Oak.