Saturday, December 12, 2015

A couple of 120mm Maurice Corry figures i am also working on plus a comparison picture to show scales.200mm/120mm/90mm.75mm

A 200mm figure from Jeff Shiu, i am working slowly on.

1/1250 Gerald Ford.This represents the next class of  carriers for the US Navy.The model is 3D printed as wellas the planes.A few modifications,improvements and the result is very impressive.

My first 2 casts of the 1/700 Jahre Viking model.I have now bridges in 3D and expecting my custom made etch set to start my dio idea on this.

A 1/1250 resin lower hull part from my 1/1250 Ti Asia model i made myself.

A 1/700 dio scene based on a Maltese lookalike harbour with Warspite slowly sliping out.

1/700 HMS Warpsite with Arstist Hobby set and 3D printed figures.

1/700 HMS Valiant from the new Trumpeter kit.