Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Seawise Giant hull taking its general shape .A lot of putty and a lot of sanding but i am pleased the main hull lines are correct in scale and pretty  straight .This is going to be placed  in a dio depicting it as it was crossing the Hormuz straits  and along side it  the USS Iowa  which was patrolling in that area at the time (1988).The difference in size is  more than obvious.This ship must have been quite a spectacle  when viewed in real time .I thought i ll take a few quick shots  against a US carrier too just to get a better understanding how big that thing was.

A couple of mooring quays i made  for my Arizona in 1/200 as i am going to place it  at anchor instead of leaving it on the pedestals as it is today.

Monday, May 26, 2014

1/16 Erwin Rommel by Alpine.Very nice figure, simple , but convicing.Excellent as a small break from ships.At least it assembles within 5 minutes.

The Blue ridge West Virginia almost done.Still waiting for the Fine Molds 40mm guns.Being a resin kit even though it is painted mostly with airbrush , under the macro lens it shows the somewhat rough surface resin exibits compared to injection plastic models.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The complex camo of W.Virginia is mostly done , apart from the 5'' turrets ofcourse .Still weathering  some PE  for the radars, masts, ladders etc.I decided to order some new Fine Molds quad bofors as the PE provided in the kit looked to me to flat and the resin one  a bit bulky.Other than that the kit has everything you need.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

some quick shots of the new tool Tamiya 1/350 Yamato now complete.

Monday, May 5, 2014

A 1/350 Yamato , the second i built this year but this time the new tool.

A 1/144 dio with a couple of German subs.A low priority project i built mostly as a break.

2 Trumpeter 1/350 Hornet hulls that will be converted to a 42' and a 44' Enterprise , along with some blueprints i bought to get a clear picture of the changes needed for the 44 version as i have already built a 42  version in the past.

Blue ridge models resin 1/700 USS West Virginia , another commission .Looks like a well enginneered kit with little or no room for corrections.Next to it a 1/700 giant crane (used in Brooklyn navy yard) from Alliance modelworks , that is going to be used in a massive  1/700 project i am planning.
A commission for a Mackensen class WW1 German battleship in 1/700 .As this was never got of the drawing table  i have a bit of artistic freedom  in certain areas .

A 1/350 Roma, a beautifull sip in a beautifull color (pale white) .A model i just like to built  but this time in a more moderate seascape, showcasing the elegant lines of her.I prefer the one color sceme as it is easier and makes the ship gracefull lines more apparent.

Plan taken from a paper model and enlarged to come to 1/700 scale of the biggest ship ever built, the Seawise giant .The dio will require the scrachbuilt of the supertanker  and it will portray it along side the USS Iowa in the Persian Gulf around 1988 when she was finaly hit by Iraqui exocet missiles.One word, massive.