Sunday, September 30, 2012

The 1/350 USS Independence will act as a ferry for the marines with most of its deck covered with various types of vehicles , plus a few corsairs at the front.

A couple more mini airfields dios i  am building as a break from ships.

Close up of the polished brass pedestals with my mini Dremel .The bolts have been secured from the inside before i glued the 2 hull parts together.Also the pathways for the bow anchors were absent from the kit so i inserted a straw , and with the help of some putty in places i will create a smooth tube as it was in the real.

Waiting for the Amagi seascape to dry out so i can proceed with the painting.This is going to be rather dramatic, with the Amagi under speed.

The second Alabama coming alomg this time with a wooden deck from Pontos.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I have changed my mind in terms of displaying the 1/200 Arizona and decided to have it full hull on brass pedestals .Still as i dont like very clean models (they look too fake to me) i will add a certain amount of weathering .Soon as i find the information i want regarding some underwater hull lines on the Pensylvania class , i will start the building process, starting from the hull since i have to secure the pedestals from the inside   in order for it to be glued afterwards .

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Every now and then there is a kit that comes along and pushes everything else one  notch below in my 'priority to built list'.One such kit is the new release  from Orange hobby of the HMS Hermes .

Also together with the Alabama and the small Amagi, i have to finish by the end of this month another Warpsite 1/350 with the addition of the Pontos set.Again something i have done before and dont feel like documenting it again.

After the Nagato 27', now i started the would be Amagi battlecruiser again from Fujimi.This time it would be depicted under speed.Working at the pagoda tower and trying to add as much detail i can cram in there ,since much of the rest of the ship is pretty plain .Typical new tool Fujimi quality.The etch set is from Fujimi again but it is sold separately.

My Second Alabama in 1/350, this time with the inclusion of a Gato sub passing right next to her.I dont think i need to document this again any further.I will add a ready stained wooden deck this time .
2 tiny dios with some Skywave planes .One will be  Hitler visiting a newly formed squadron of Me-262 (red carpet from the plane to the parked planes, and some officials standing around).

Second , the plane leaving the base with the escort of 4 Me-109 ahead of it at the beginning of the runway.Just for fun and a bit of practice , before i jump onto the bigger Tinian island dio.