Monday, November 3, 2014

Call me crazy, but once something gets in my mind thats it.The biggest advantage of working in 1/1250 is space, so this is a dio of a busy US harbour after the end of the war , were there just too many ships around to be moored , scrapped, sold, you name it.Some resin buildings i made and some scrach build from plasticard.Still in the design process and looking at yard photos to get ideas.The De agostini full hull Missouri is there only for demonstration as i am planning to use the lower hull on a Neptun Missouri .

A small dio in 1/1250 of Tirpitz i did just for fun and to show off the unique camo .

work on the Indepedence interior is almost done now.Pitty almost 90% of all this wont be visible once the deck is placed , so i decided not to commit any more planes in the hangar as they cannot be seen once the deck is in place.