Monday, April 29, 2013

painted resin deck tractors, and work in creating cockpits for a bunch of A-7 and A-6 for the upcoming 1/350 USS Nimitz project.

One of 2 Trumpeter aircraft carriers i have in semi finished state for too long and trying to come up with something original for them i stumble in this:A picture of a carrier crossing the turquoise colored sea with just the yellow sand dunes against as a backdrop.But then i saw the new Peace bridge as they call it and after a bit of digging i found the dimensions of the pylons , width , height , and distances in between them, so now i got another crazy idea in my head that i know sooner or later i will have to materialize it.My aim will be to create a dio with the carrier passing below the bridge , so for that i will have to built the bridge as well.This will give a good sense of just how massive both structures are .The bridge and the aircraft carrier.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just a tree stump am making from balsa wood , to complement the figure .I still havent decided of the exact positioning  of it.

Another crazy idea is that i would like to recreate one of the 2 atomic test shots in Bikini island by the US .Namely the Baker shot  which was done underwater The GHQ metal war-gaming ships due to their tiny size (1/2400) but also the very good quality they have are the only choice.After i done some rough calculations and after i found some info on the net about the size of the mushroom cloud and the composition and positioning of the target fleet ,  i estimate the width of the column to be around 25-30 cm and the overall height around 76cm and thats in 1/2400 scale!!. The width of the top cloud should be around 85cm  at the particular moment in this picture.Well as i said it is a crazy idea.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just a crazy idea i had to recreate something like that in 1/700.The landmark building could be anything famous enough , but it is hard to get a figurine of these buildings in that scale that are descent enough .

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My first figure , which happens to be at 120mm .This time i took a few hours as a break from ship building in order to have a go at the face and hands.I think i have to be satisfied with the result for a first try.The strong lighting in the pictures takes away a lot of the mood of the figure , but it is necessary to show progress as clear as possible. I still haven't thought about the base , but i will go for something simple and realistic as possible.

The 1/350 Q.E amsot done now.A lot of rust visible (almost certainly more than in real life) but this was a test for me .

A 1/700 Fujimi Takao under way.First task to trim all vents so they can be replaced with brass vents , and apply the etch aircraft deck section.

Some mpore hull plating added this time to Combrig's Indefatigable and Trmpeter's Hornet with the help of Tamiya masking tape and a can of primer.An easy and very effective way to bring life and detail to those naked hulls.

The 1/350 S.Fransisco hull with some hull plating added and all the major superstructure parts assembled .A few areas will need an extra touch to replace some overscale or thick parts , but other than that i think she will look just fine.

A Roayl Oak from Samek in 1/700.I have added a bit of the underwater hull on one side as i am going to depict this in  a position with the bow in the water (well almost), and leaning to the board side , exposing part of the underwater hull.No its not going to be when she was sunk.And obviously the list is not going to be as heavy as it is in these pictures.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Right behind Nelson is coming the 1/350 Q.E .All the construction is complete now and the hull and most of the superstructure has been primed with red hull color.The reason for this is that i will use AK Interactive's chipping effect solution as i want the ship to have a very weather beaten look.So once i paint the camo colors  and i start scratching them in places , hopefully  this red prime color will appear in most places  to show the worn paint job.It should work in theory.

the tamiya nelson finally finished after sitting ion the self for almost 2 years unfinished.