Monday, August 26, 2013

Fuso almost done apart fromm plnes , rigging, figures and AA gun which i am waiting  to arrive.Fujimi AA guns are ok but a bit on the thick side for my taste.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

My favorite ship the Fuso in 1/350.An excellent kit even if built out of the box.

The Nimitz airwing completed and ready for painting.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Its been a very repetitive work to built all these planes , and am still  at 50% , but the final look will be impressive as i have built almost the entire airwing.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A dio idea based on the North Star resin figures  in 1/144 .Another Revell 1/44 uboat along side the pier will be loading torpedoes  as some high ranking officer is on th dock inspecting the crew , and another uboat just passing by with its crew also on deck.All the items (buildings, cranes, vehicles , crates Preiser figures etc except the 2 uboat models Revell and ICM ) are in N scale for railroad models which is around 1/160 pretty close  to 1/44 so no obvious problem there.The wall units are generic and can be bought as many as one wish and be constructed in any configuration imaginable.There are plenty more building which they can cret a far more busier scene , but due to scale the base size needed will quickly become too large .

A 1/144 Uboat from revell woth etch from the Griffon model set for it.The model will be negotiating some rough sea on the surface, a bit like the last picture of a similar model in 1/350 i made a while ago.

I decided to revert the T.Roosevelt from using it to my Suez canal dio  and just use it as guide of how the larger 1/350 Nimitz project will look like .So here is the smaller 1/700 T.R minus the airwing.Quite a bit of dust too..

The airwing in progress for the 1/350 USS Nimitz .Around 70 planes and helicopters which will be some with open canopies, etch weapon pylons, landing gear etc....not much done on the carrier itself yet.

Ok , its been a while, what can i say , summer in Greece is way too hot ..anyhow few projcts are beginning to take shape finally.Starting from these little figures.After i finished my first ever figure , i kinda liked it so i went on a spending spree , and have bought enough to last me for the next decade or so (with the rate i am working on them).So starting from the 200mm all the way down to 75mm here they are some resin figures of WW2 and 2 Roman soldiers.Basic assmbly with some minor putty filling at th joints, and i decided to construct a section of a medieval kinda looking wall as  backdrop for the larger 200m figure .This is ready made wall made out of foam and with a bit of painting i think it will add a simple and  interesting backdrop for the figure.