Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Alabama with the basic colors painted on the solid oak base and  next to the 1/200 Arizona which arrived this morning.I am going to need a bigger workbench..

Monday, April 16, 2012

My KGV finally gets under way.Waiting for the silicone to dry up.The ship will be under speed but with not so many waves .I am also replicating  with the help of resin,  the rectangular vents, from masters i took from a friend.My first attempt into making molds , and some 50% of the vents are thrown away due to incomplete casting.
The new Queen Elizabeth kit from Trumpeter waiting for the arrival of the WEM etch set to start taking shape.The barrels have been replaced with metal from Master models.The kit has been waterlined again as it will be shown at rest.Nice detail on the bulkheads with some electrical wiring running as well on top of everything else.

The USS Alabama from the Trumpeter kit 1/350.Extra details added on the bulkheads , metal barrels, new resin 5'' guns and also new 40mm AA guns from Alliance models.The ship  is waterlined as it will be shown at rest , same per last picture .That is actually the Indiana  with a different camo but with the pose i would like to have the Alabama.

My second Warspite , 1/350 . this time will have to be built with the extra details of Pontos set.Step one to get rid off the lower hull , and strip the deck of any fittings so the wood

A bit of extra work on the funnel of Barham.