Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The resin 1/700 Samek Royal Oak.I started this one (as if i dont have enough already half finished) as part of a larger diorama i want to make with at least 3 British capital ships in formation.The other 2 probably will be the HMS Barham from the resin Pit road kit which i have in an advanced stage, and the veritable HMS Nelson from Tamiya which will require some extra attention to bring it up in par with the other 2 kits. I am contemplating adding a fourth ship as well , either HMS Hood , Repulse etc but this will increase the base dimensions way too much , and this is already quite big  given i will have to keep a minimum distance between the ships.Anyway , as you can tell from the pictures , there is some fiddling in the bridge area before i can proceed with the finer details.

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