Saturday, December 29, 2012

Not exactly ship modeling related, these are just some of the bases for figures i am trying to produce and sell.The smaller the size the harder it gets to get a nice finish.


  1. Nice bases!! As I am predominantly a figure painter I really like the taller pedestal bases for my minis. I do admire the quality of bases you put your ships on. Now I assume you make those as well. Let me know your pricing as I may well be interested in acquiring some "woodwork" from you. ~Jim

  2. Jim,these are just samples as i am testing colors, sanding, different types of wood , different sizes etc.They are not what i consider 100% perfect but even so i would say from what i have seen around , at least equal to competition.Anyway a typical plinth varnished gloss and made from oak is around 13 usd the larger rectangular bases around 18 usd.The smaller flat ones are around 7-8 .The usable area is 5x5 cm and 10x5 for the larger pillars , but this can varies a bit from base to base depending on the cut extra grooves etc.What i want is to give them the feeling of being unique and not massed produced quality .This takes time as each one is taken special care and therefore i cannot produce too many, too fast.Should you want something in specific measurements let me know .