Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I will name this the Mount 'Kostas' .This is the progress on the cliff that is going to be put alongside the 1/350 Fujimi Fuso.I still have to paint the vegetation , mainly by spraying darker shades of Green , as i dont like the bright colors of the Woodland scenic material.It feels a bit unrealistic for the scale .Once finished with spraying i will add a few figures and the buildings which have been prepared already.


  1. It looks wonderful, don't worry. I would just spray a very diluted mixture of burnt umber oil paint and white spirit over the vegetation to blend everything up. It's like doing a wash, but with an airbrush..

  2. Hi Kostas,
    I have the same problem with Woodland Scenics colours while finishing my 1/700 dioramas. Many times I tried to modify their palette by airbrushing, but unfortunately my attepts were rather embarassing. Still looking for the Holly Grail. You may check this out on I'll be very gratefull for your comments.
    Regards from Poland