Thursday, December 13, 2012

Some progress on the 1/200 Arizona hull.The hull has a few mistakes some of witch are far too obvious to let them as is.The shafts ends plus the rudder area are oversimplified and wrong in shape so i had to scrape the whole area clean of the kit detail and use the shaft ends from the 1/350 Nimitz project to create something as close as possible to the original .I think when compared with the pictures available i can call it a day now.Also some planking detail has been added on the hull except the added bulges areas.The 4 long strips under the hull are meant to be the strong points when the ship was resting in a dock and were created and positioned according the instructions and templates given in the WEM etch set.The hull is been sprayed with a red primer at this stage to check for small nicks easier, and there are still a few small marks that i need to go over before i start the painting and weathering.

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