Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nagato hull and deck painted .Weathering and oil washes will be next before i start adding smaller etch details.Note the unrealistic yellow tint of the wooden deck  compared with the painted plastic deck.I thought it was  looking too unrealistic for the scale despite having some nice planking detail.I wanted to have a more tired and used look , as the rest of the ship will be also weathered to a certain degree.Despite the somewhat Spartan superstructure , i have found the room /need for quite a few additions and replacements so far.


  1. That's amazing it looks so real. Would you be able to describe what you used and how you weathered it. Also could you post more pictures of it. What an amazing job.

  2. with a fine brush pick individual planks and paint them at different shades.Try to avoid to much contrast between the various shades or you will end up with a 'tetris' effect .Then you can add a final layer of a shade but much more diluted than you normally do so to blend the different colors together and then start applying oil washes with black, brown, etc utill u get a wood hue on the surface.