Sunday, November 13, 2011

HMS Kent, added various pipes around the funnels , railing, and smaller details around the deck.Bridge canvas around the rails has not be painted yet.


  1. This is the best fading I ever see! Absolite outsanding streaks. Please tell me, what did you use? Some MIG or AK Interactive product? Oil&Grease Stain?

  2. Hi David.
    I just used Tamiya acrylics , various tones of grey and dilluted at different thickness so i can have overlapping effects between them and gradual fading .

  3. Uff, acrylics... no chance to repair it. I am using Tamiya Enamels for these streaks, but it needs long time for drying before next layer or light coat of clear varnish in between two enamel layers. Anyway, thanx a lot for info, I will try acrylics too!